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The Young Leaders and Advocates network is a statewide network run for and by young people with disabilities. YLAN is dedicated to uniting and empowering young people across the state. We ensure young people are authentically and meaningfully involved in all decisions that affect us. Together, we change systems so young people get the support they need with the respect and dignity they deserve.


We envision a world that is strength-based, embraces diversity, promotes ongoing recovery, encourages resiliency, and has the ability to adapt. A youth-guided community in which young people are inspired, empowered, and supported to make informed choices and advocate for themselves.

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Meet the Staff

YLAN employs young adults with disabilities to coordinate network activities and mentor young leaders.

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The YLAN Council

As a youth-run network, our statewide cross-disability council oversees and guides all our work and activities.

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Become a Member

Young people ages 14-30 who self-identify as having a disability and/or cross-systems experience can become a member of YLAN.

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